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Monday, 22 October 2012

Tata Nano sold in North America

Since its launch in 2008, the Tata Nano, the cheapest car in the world, is often faced with some speculation that the lead markets in Europe and North America.

Previously you could really tell it was new unfounded.

But things could change, if we take into account comments made by Ratan Tata, the big boss of the powerful Indian conglomerate, according to Automotive News magazine which, small Nano may be available on Western markets.

Do not worry, the car in question is very different from the very low end model sold in India!

Nano western

According to Tata, the sedan projected benefit from more generous dimensions and a shape more pleasing to better meet the aspirations of the target clientele.

Inside, we end up finishing and presentation better, more cozy comfort, air conditioning and some of telematics technologies.
It goes without saying that the car will be powered by an engine more suitable and meet European standards and North American safety and the environment.

Photo: Tata

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