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Thursday, 13 December 2012

L.A. 2012: New Subaru Forester

Subaru has for the LA Auto Show the new Forester in luggage that is to make as early as March of next year, the German roads unsafe. For the next generation it has mainly provided a more spacious interior and improved the engine range. The Allrader is 3.5 inches longer and brings it now to 4.60 meters. In width it has grown by 1.5 centimeters to 1.80 meters. He has grown two inches in height.

The 150-hp gasoline engine and the 147 hp diesel are already known. The offer is now growing but a twin-turbo petrol engine with four cylinders and direct fuel injection. It has a displacement of two liters and makes 240 hp. Optionally, you have the CVT transmission with six or eight courses. The Forester 2.0XT also receives some new design elements to emphasize its engine power.

According to current information, the new Forester in March 2013 on the market, prices are not yet known.

Images: © Subaru

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