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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Audi RS7 Sportback at the Detroit Motor Show 2013

may be so many visitors have thought when he now at the Detroit Motor Show could see the 5-meter behemoth from Good Old Germany. The massive grille with additional air intakes, two huge, oval tailpipes and the diffuser at the rear of the indicated powerhouse suggest that this may involve not perfectly ordinary A7.

And at the latest when getting even without the passenger must test is clear on what he or she is here inserted. Thanks to the special RS7 instruments the driver, for example, the charge pressure, the bar is due to the twin turbochargers at least 1.2, at a glance. The specially shaped seating in the Bavarian Monster ensures that the passengers do not slip like crazy on the back seat.

Under the hood is a 4-liter eight-cylinder with around 560 horsepower performed his service. The unit, called 4.0 TFSI shoot the car in 3.9 seconds from a standstill by the 100km/h-Schallmauer. Power wheel and goodness. The high-revving four-valve engine reaches its high performance from 5700 to 6700 rev / min and is still shining with a consumption of less than 10 liters in the standard distance. His thirst is limited thanks to cylinder deactivation only to 9.8 l/100km. One can only wonder whether that can confirm in practice Sun

At the top speed stands at RS7 from a three-tier society. There would even know the Regular Guy, the sealing off at 250 km / h, then the daredevil who h to 280 km / moved forward and finally even the absolute macho showing up to 305 km / h, what it everything on it has. For the two higher top speeds, the buyer depending on your needs and size of the purse also book two different dynamics packages. So far Audi silent but unfortunately generally made ​​on the prices of the RS7.

Photos: © Audi

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