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Monday, 4 February 2013

Lexus F RC: a name to remember

There are these decisions made by Toyota that lead us to discover that the largest automaker in the world in 2012, is preparing to release a new performance coupe, which should be similar to the GS.

Thus, after the name reserved for the first NX compact SUV the Lexus brand, Toyota here again with the name RC F to identify a sports coupe through template currently in development.

If we add to this that Lexus has confirmed its intention to market a sports coupe in its lineup GS, there is every reason to believe that the name RC F is not purely coincidental.

The concept LF-CC

In all likelihood, it is likely that this cut will inherit the silhouette of the concept LF-CC, unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, last year.
RC F Lexus coupe would be a GT class car that would rub the Audi A5, BMW 6 Series Coupe and Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe.

The Australian division Toyota / Lexus already talking about the upcoming marketing, model RC350 based on the concept LF-CC.
This highly anticipated cut would be unveiled in 2013 and delivered in 2014.

Photos: Lexus

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