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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Geneva Motor Show 2013: Kia Provo

Geneva Motor Show 2013: Kia Provo - Kia presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2013, the study of concept car with 204 hp.

The Kia Concept Car "Provo" is likely to polarize his martial style perfectly. In the rear area, he loses some of its aggressiveness and reminds with its coupe-like back and the chopped roofline of the Mini Coupe. Certainly a comparison, the one in Korea does not listen reluctantly.

The Kia Provo could be a preview of a possible new lifestyle compact car or a small representative of the GTI-Garde. The turbo-hybrid study aimed to show 204 hp and "technology-heavy sports car design." The study is driven by a "smart 4WD" hybrid system that combines a 1.6-liter turbocharged GDI petrol engine with an electric motor.

Kia Provo
In really nice styled interior of the Kia Provo a one-piece front row seats to see with quilted leather. The front seats are designed in one piece, the wavy runs from a doorway to another, and is upholstered in quilted leather. Its sporty character underlines the flat-bottomed sports steering wheel-like rally in Alcanatara optics and center mark.
Kia Provo Interior

Kia Provo 2
The Provo has 3.88 meters long, 1.77 meters wide and 1.35 meters high.

Photos : Kia

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