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Friday, 8 March 2013

VW T6 ECo-Motion

VW T6 E-Co-Motion - With the "E-Co-Motion" VW shows at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 is a preview of the new generation Bulli T6. While VW itself only by an electric van "in the style of T5" speaks, then the E-Co-Motion raises very clearly on the current T5 generation.

The 4.55 meter long concept car offers up to 4.6 cubic feet of cargo volume, and 800 kilograms of payload. In the study, battery and transmission as well as an upper, transport-related construction. This not only allows a maximum space utilization was achieved, but are also different design concepts and solutions to customers by truck via the MPV and the low platform to the thermal case represented.


Photo : Volkswagen

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