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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Lucra Cars - a New Model

There are already a lot of time, I will make you discover the beautiful and very powerful Lucra LC 470 V8 GM. Since that time the California firm has grown and gained prominence in the market for unique sports pretty much so that the company is trying to leave its production of San Marcos and moved to new larger premises in San Diego. 

They will be opened in a few weeks and it could be an opportunity for Lucra Cars unveiled its new model which I present to you the first images without much detail because the manufacturer is currently stingy explanation.

The new design is powerful and muscular with a long hood, a cockpit fell just before the rear axle but it did not, however, the elegant finesse of 470. It's a safe bet that this new American sports codify the principles and elements that make the success of the LC470, namely a tubular frame dressed in a carbon fiber body, running gear evolved enough double bunk with shock and triangles Adjustable anti roll bars. 

Mechanically, we should find the classic GM LS3 V8 6.3 L and 7.0 L LS7 with BM5 Tremec TKO 600RR but also the offer of the new 6.3 L V8 Mercedes AMG is naturally aspirated or supercharged version with BVM7 MCT "semi automatic" with paddle driving. Large disks, big brakes, big performances and sporting luxurious cockpit are on the menu.

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