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Friday, 17 March 2017

Jaguar i-Pace Concept: Electric car with over 500 km range

With the Jaguar i-Pace Concept, the British car finally presents an electric car, which does not look like a round-lined sculpture, which is more than 500 km in range. At the Geneva Autosalon 2017, the 400-horsepower electric study was introduced.

Jaguar i-Pace Concept: Electric car with over 500 km range
This is how an electric car must look. Smart design, which is really aggressive, but which does not support a standard consumption of 12 liters plus, but the environmental friendliness is also thanks to the exciting paint in the color Photon Red to become an optical treat. With the Jaguar i-Pace Concept study, the British have now presented their very first electric car, which will bring it to a range of over 500 km. The ionized predator cat draws the power for the almost already travel-effective action radius from a 90-kilowatt-hours-saving high-tech lithium-ion battery. This is sunk deep in the underbody, thus not reducing the load volume unnecessarily. After all, the luggage compartment holds 530 liters, which is a very practical value.

The electric car is driven by a 400 hp electric motor, which provides a whopping 700 Nm of torque from the first rotor rotation. The E-Mobile sprints from 100 km / h in about four seconds. If the battery of the 4.68-meter-long study is empty, then it can be fully charged again at a corresponding DC connection in only two hours. Already after 90 minutes the current storage is filled to 80%. Anyone who wants to test the electric cat on the road has to wait a little bit, because the market will reach the Briton only next year. If you want, you can already register on the Jaguar homepage as an interested party.

Pictures: © Jaguar

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