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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Volvo is fully committed to the Electric Car

At Volvo, one is apparently preparing to leave the diesel engine and will in the future fully rely on hybrids and the electric car. The Swedish car manufacturer, which is now part of the Chinese Geely Group, does not consider a new engine development to be economical and is now looking for alternative solutions. A strategic reorientation with signal effect to other car owners?

Volvo is fully committed to the Electric Car
In a conversation with the FAZ, the chairman of the board of Volvo, Hakan Samuelsson, confirmed the departure from the diesel. In the future, the Swedish coach will fully rely on electric cars and on hybrid systems. Samuelsson said: "From today's point of view, we will not develop any new generation diesel engines." The current diesel generation introduced only in 2013 is, however, to be further developed and adapted to the future exhaust emission limit value Euro 6c. But according to the boss, the costs for a new reconstruction are too high. It is currently assumed that the current diesel family is likely to remain around 2023 in the portfolio.

The step is now not surprising, because more and more Volvo models have recently been given at least one environmentally friendly variant, and since one belongs to a Chinese corporation and diesel in China play almost no role, this approach is only logical. Whether it is going to happen is questionable, because after all, the vehicles of the brand are usually located in the middle class and in the higher-priced service car segment, where the diesel is actually still the measure of things. It is hard to assume that the service car seats of BMW, Audi and Mercedes are already saying farewell to the auto-ignition. However, one should take a close look at the developments at Volvo.

Pictures: © Volvo

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