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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

2017 Nissan X-Trail : The Best-Seller SUV

Just in time for the start in the fall, when it gets uncomfortable again, there is an update for the best-seller SUV of the Japanese, the Nissan X-Trail. For the large family SUV, there will be more security, from September 2017 onwards, a sophisticated equipment as well as an optical fine grinding.

2017 Nissan X-Trail : The Best-Seller SUV
From the outside, the new Nissan X-Trail is characterized by a wider radiator grille, newly designed bumpers, faded daytime lights, fog lights and taillights, as well as adaptive full-LED headlights. After the update for the bestseller SUV, four new paint colors are available: Orange, Tinted Red, Blue and Dark Brown. Together with the six shades from the previous model, the varnish selection is thus increased to ten versions.
2017 Nissan X-Trail : The Best-Seller SUV
The technical innovations include, in particular, the many new addition- al assistance systems. In order to further increase the safety level, there is now the emergency brake assistant with pedestrian detection as well as a rear lateral traffic assistant, which is to defuse the "blind flight" when parking out of confusing gaps. Even more in the direction of autonomous driving, it will start from 2018, when the new "Propilot" system will be available. The system is to take over the steering, the accelerator pedal and the brake in certain driving situations like column traffic or congestion.

The comfort features are supplemented by a steering wheel now flattened and optionally heated, a sensor-controlled electric tailgate, new leather upholstery for the seats and a digital radio included in the standard range. With the trunk volume, there is a slight plus of 15 liters, so that the new model will find 565 liters.

Pictures: © Nissan

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