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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

2019 Tesla Model Y: First Photo of the New Crossover

The 4th model of the electric car pioneer is to be launched with the Tesla Model Y in 2019. Then comes a compact electric SUV on the market, which will not build on the platform of the Model 3. In our news you get all the details and a first photo of the new crossover.

Tesla Model Y: First Look of the New Crossover
Even if the new electric SUV Tesla Model Y will be about as large as the model 3, which has not yet been released, it will probably be built on a completely new platform instead of the Model 3 platform. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is already talking about the next success model for the broad mass. It is scheduled to be launched in 2019 and is expected to be much cheaper than the larger brand brother, Model X. At the annual Tesla shareholders meeting in Mountain View, California, Musk said, "Demand for the Model Y is likely to be higher than in Model 3." The Model Y, according to Musk rather a cheap crossover to the market. As seen in the picture, exterior mirrors are dispensed with and according to the portal, the new compact SUV will even be equipped with wing doors.

But until the production can start, new production plants have to be established, because Musk also said "We are bursting at the seams." The plant in Fremont is fully utilized. So we are now considering the construction of three new factories. If there is a long-term high demand for the electric cars from the think tank, it could even be ten to twenty new production sites.

Pictures: © Tesla

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