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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

2017 Mercedes X-Class: Premium Pickup based on Nissan

As the first German premium manufacturer, Mercedes launch the first premium pickup on the market. However, the Swabians grabbed deep into the shelf of the Japanese co-operation partner and put the Mercedes X-Class on a luxury load on Nissan basis. 

With the Mercedes-X-Class, a premium Nissan-based pickup comes on the market. The technology for the new 5.34 m long noble pickup comes largely from the pickup model of the co-operation partner, the Nissan Navara. However, whether German tradesmen, farmers and vine-growers can choose the star model with the star in the pure equipment model Pure or at least the 31.110 Euro double cabins from the Far East can be questioned. Even if the Mercedes-Benz is still refined from 2018 with a Mercedes-owned 253-hp V6 diesel (X 350 d) together with automatic 7-wheel drive and permanent all-wheel drive, the trend is likely to be clear.

2017 Mercedes X-Class
But now to the hard-hitting facts: With a payload of 1.1 tons and a lot of space on the loading area, where a Euro pallet can be accommodated, the noble pickup is not only beautiful, but also practical. In addition, up to 3.5 tonnes can be attached to the hooks. The model is offered exclusively as a doublecab, ie as a 4-door model with five seats. Product manager Christian Pohl said: "Depending on the model, we have up to 22 centimeters of ground clearance, 50 degrees of lateral inclination and 45 degrees of gradient."
2017 Mercedes X-Class
When the 4-wheel drive pickup truck comes in November on the market, then the engine range is still quite clear: Just once known from the Nissan Navara 4-cylinder turbo diesel with 2.3 liter engine is available in two power levels. Once he comes as X 220 d with 160 hp and twin-turbo version X 250 d with 190-hp. In the basic version, there is the X class with manual switch and rear-wheel drive, in the stronger version then also with all-wheel drive 4MATIC with low-range reduction and optional differential lock on the rear axle and a 7-speed automatic transmission.

The Mercedes pickup is offered in three equipment lines: the basic variant PURE for the classic robust application, PROGRESSIVE for higher demands on value and comfort as well as POWER as a high end variant for the urban lifestyle. In the interior, there is the 8.4-inch COMAND screen, which provides the 360-degree view showing the pickup, including the bird's-eye view. All four cameras can be individually controlled at the touch of a button, which is a great help in parking and maneuvering in difficult terrain.

Pictures: © Daimler AG

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