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Saturday, 28 October 2017

2018 Ford Mustang GT now with whisper mode

It is very beneficial for peace in the neighborhood if you do not let the beloved sports car warm up in the early morning ten minutes in front of the garage. The Ford Mustang GT can now also start quietly, as it is equipped with a whisper mode, which can reduce the volume at startup to a pleasant 72 dB.
2018 Ford Mustang GT now with whisper mode
A sports car that grumbles very quietly instead of shouting loudly at the gas pedal does not really make any sense, but the Ford Mustang GT has just this "Quiet Start" function built in now, with the volume at engine start to the Half can then reduce to only 72 dB. An active valve of the flap exhaust system makes the 5.0-liter V8 engine really quiet and so the distinctive sound on the on-board computer can be turned into a quiet "whisper". This is certainly useful if you wake up late in the evening or early in the morning when driving out of the garage not immediately the entire neighborhood and wants to raise against it. In addition, the times during which the engine should start quietly can be programmed by the driver.

The athletic Ami with the "Good Neighborhood" mode is now beginning of 2018 in Germany at the start. New addition to the quiet engine and some small design changes also available on request ten-speed automatic transmission. There will also be two additional driving modes and more assistance systems. The engine power should rise to 450 hp, which would correspond to a plus in comparison to its predecessor by 30 hp.

Photo: © Ford

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