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Monday, 16 October 2017

Opel Crossland X Autogas (LPG) for the Compact Crossover

The latest version of the Opel Crossland X is now offered with Autogas (LPG). The LPG car with 75 hp is driven by a 1.2- l with 3-cylinder, which then also in the likewise possible, pure gasoline operation even 81 hp. All details and the prices for the environmentally friendly compact crossover are available in here.

Opel Crossland X Autogas (LPG)
For the compact crossover Opel Crossland X, offer a version with autogas. The advantages of the first LPG vehicle (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) with electronic multi-valve technology are the extra fuel costs and tax advantages. The compact crossover delivers 75 hp 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engines with pure LPG operation, which, in pure petrol mode, even delivers 81 hp and, according to the EU standard, 100 liters of 6.9 liters of gas or 5.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers consumed. In bivalent operation, the purely mathematical possible range is thus up to 1,300 kilometers.

Thanks to an optical sensor, residual amounts in the 36-liter autogas tank accommodated in the spare wheel well can be captured much more precisely, which should make driving even more relaxed with small amounts. When the Crossland X is in LPG mode and when it is moved in pure petrol mode, the driver is indicated by an LED in the cockpit. For even more driving comfort and safety, high-modern full-LED headlights, the head-up display and the 180-degree panorama rear-view camera as well as the fatigue warning system ensure. The compact and highly flexible crossover with LPG engine can now be ordered in the model variant edition for the price of 21,200 euros and in the version Innovation for 22,400 euros.

Pictures: © Opel

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