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Saturday, 25 November 2017

2018 Mercedes A-Class 2018 New Digital Cockpit

In 2018, the new generation of the Mercedes A-Class will be launched. The developers are gradually lifting the curtain and show us what the new digital cockpit of the compact car looks like. 

The new Mercedes A-Class (W177) will hit the market in 2018 and we have a first look into the new digital cockpit for you. It becomes clear: lots of new digital technology. One looks in vain for analog instruments here, because even the base is equipped with a digital instrument cluster and a wide infotainment display. In the higher equipment lines, the displays are then only larger - variations between 7 and 10.25 inches are possible. So far, such a widescreen cockpit was only available for the E-Class and the S-Class.

Mercedes A-Class
The usual scoreboards on tachometer and tachometer is completely eliminated. For good visibility, even in strong sunlight, a special foil should be applied, which is glued on the instrument panels. As it looks on the first photos, should also be a major criticism that existed in the previous versions, have been cleared, because now the driver finally seems to have a better all-round view.

There will be a small increase in trunk volume, where from next year will be 370 instead of 341 liters (W176). And the new two-part taillights ensure that now the trunk opening can be increased by 20 centimeters. For the passengers, there should be a little more freedom of movement for the elbows, head and shoulders. As soon as there is something new to report from the compact model of the Stuttgart, you will learn it here immediately.

Photos: © Daimler AG

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