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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Ford Ka + Black Edition Sporty Special Model

looking black on the roof, the exterior mirror housings and the 15-inch alloy wheels determines the design of the sporty accented special edition Ford Ka + "Black Edition". 

Ford Ka + Black Edition Sporty Special Model
With all six available exterior colors for the small car, the new, sporty accented special model Ford Ka + "Black Edition" can be combined. The elegant black exterior mirror housings, the radiator grille in honeycomb structure with chrome trim, the black roof, the 15-inch light-alloy wheels in black paint and the black design stripes in the lower door area all add to the design accents.

The price for the dark brush: 12,600 euros. Thus, the little black is exactly 1,000 euros more expensive than a normal Ka + with the "Cool & Sound" package, which includes, for example, radio and air conditioning. Of course, the special model is based on this equipment line and therefore brings along all its highlights. In terms of technical features, the Ka + is based on the old Fiesta with the 1.2-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine and is therefore equipped with at least 70 hp.

Photo: © Ford

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