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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Skoda Fabia 3 now Ciao Diesel!!

At the beginning of March 2018, the Czechs will present their new Skoda Fabia 3 at the Geneva Motor Show and at the same time say Ciao Diesel! In the third generation, there will be only 1.0-liter petrol engine with and without turbo. Also new are the LED lights and an Otto particle filter, which is installed for the first time in the small car.

Since the diesel share in the new registrations last year for the small Czechs anyway only 9.2 percent and the even stricter Euro 6d Temp standard with the current platform for the auto-igniters is unlikely to be realized, says the Skoda Fabia 3 now Ciao Diesel! For propulsion now provide four three-cylinder gasoline engine with 1.0 liter displacement. Of these two are designed as normal naturally aspirated engines in the power levels 60 and 75 hp and the other two are ventilated by a turbo and therefore bring it to 95 and 110 hp.

So that the petrol engines can meet the more stringent emission standards, at least the two turbo versions have now been equipped for the first time with an Otto particle filter. Shifting the top model can optionally also be done by a 7-speed DSG.

With the equipment there are now LED headlights and also the tail lights can be ordered optionally with the LED technology. The option list is then continued by, among others, a blind spot detector, a parking assistant and a high beam assistant. In terms of infotainment, there is an increase in the music system "swing", because the display grows from 5 to 6.5 inches in diagonal.

It can be optionally extended with Skoda Connect services. At extra charge, USB ports can be installed in the rear, there is a reversible mat for the trunk and really "Simply clever" it is then the ice scraper in the tank flap, which also has a scale for measuring the tire tread depth and in the LED Flashlight in the side compartment of the station wagon. With statements to the prices one holds oneself with the VW daughter from Mlada Boleslav still back.

Pictures: © Skoda

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