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Saturday, 24 March 2018

VW Touareg High-tech comes in the Summer of 2018

The third generation of the VW Touareg is scheduled to be launched in the summer of 2018. The makers emphasize the new high-tech SUV above all many new technology highlights in the infotainment and assistance systems and in the all-wheel drive including a central Torsen differential and a 48-volt roll stabilization. 

VW Touareg High-tech
With the third generation of the VW Touareg Volkswagen has now presented at the world premiere in Beijing a true technology brand of the brand, which should roll in the summer of 2018, more precisely in June, to dealers. The high-tech SUV is to convince with many new assistance systems and will, at least in China, also be available as a plug-in hybrid.

For the safety of inmates and passers-by, new electronic helpers are to provide. The new model includes, among other things, the night vision assistant Nightvision, which recognizes people and animals in the darkness by means of a thermal imaging camera and warns them against it. Also congestion and construction site assistants, which provide up to 60 km / h semi-automated steering and lane keeping, accelerating and braking, are of course on board. And a crossing assistant reacts to cross traffic in front of the vehicle.
VW Touareg High-tech
So that the big SUV can also be easily circled through narrow streets and street canyons, he has missed an active all-wheel steering. When traction loss is the four-wheel drive of advantage, the driving force with the help of a central Torsen differential can easily push back and forth. The new roll stabilization with electromechanically controlled stabilizers should prevent rocking during fast load changes.

In the interior, the top infotainment system Discover Premium with a powerful 15-inch touchscreen has been installed, which is then supplemented by the Digital Cockpit with 12-inch display. The digital displays merge in the all-wheel drive to the so called Innovision cockpit.

For propulsion in the 4.88-meter-long Touareg, three V6 engines, each with a displacement of three liters, provide the market launch or only a short time later. For the auto-igniters, which will be launched shortly, the customer can choose between two V6 diesel engines with 231 and 286 hp. Shortly after the summer holidays then comes a 340 hp V6 gasoline engine. For China, they are preparing a new plug-in hybrid drive with 367 hp system performance, whose exact start date in Europe, however, is currently still open. Which prices are retrieved for the premium SUV, so far also still top secret.

Pictures: © Volkswagen AG

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